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The Covert Mag pouch is a minimalist pouch design which offers the user a variety of carry options. This pouch can be effectively utilized in both OWB and IWB carry positions maximizing functionality for the user. If you do not see your desired Mag Make/Model, please make sure to check the multi fit mag options. This pouch is constructed from .080 KYDEX®, which offers durability and longevity while maintaining a thin, low profile form. This pouch features a fully ambidextrous design which allows easy conversion for all desired carry positions. The proprietary clip is made of a high strength polymer which can be utilized on a variety of clothing styles. Ride height and tilt of the pouch can be easily adjusted by simply adjusting the positioning of the clip on the pouch. The COVERT series mag pouch also features user adjustable retention so the user can adjust the pouch to their preferences. Manufactured through our industry leading manufacturing process, the simple design and streamlined features of this pouch deliver exceeding value to the consumer. Please click the dropdown above for a current list of supported magazines. Will fit models 85, 856, 94, 327, 380, 605, 650, 651, 850, 851, 905, 941 and 942. Will NOT fit models 445, 606 or polymer frames. Newest models have a new grip from Taurus. This grip uses a pin through the grip to secure the grip to the frame. To change the grip, the pin must be driven out. Replace with the pin included with the grip. Please review the instructions included with your grip. Please note: If your frame pin is 1/2″ across or less, you do not need to change it out for the included pin. Fits the following Models: G2c / G3c / G3X / G3

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