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N8 Tactical is incredibly excited to continue to evolve its holster lineup with the next evolution of the brand with the all-new Xecutive Holster. Incorporating the most popular features found on various other holster designs, the Xecutive Holster is truly the complete package.

The Xecutive Holster is an all-plastic holster made from the incredibly durable Kydex Plastic, this material is specifically designed to hold up to the abusive wear and tear of carrying a firearm.
When designing the Xecutive Holster, N8 focused on three key points to create a superior product; Versatility, Concealability, and Comfortability.


The design incorporates multiple options for clips and wings to be used with the holster, allowing the end-user the ability to customize their preferred carry method. The holster also has the ability to easily adjust the retention by simply tightening or loosening screws on the holster body itself.


Taking a minimalist design approach to the overall footprint of the holster, we were able to keep the size of the holster to a minimum to best minimize the holster printing. We have also incorporated an optional soft yet firm foam wedge to help ensure the firearms is tucked into your body for maximum concealment


Multiple design considerations went into making the Xecutive Holster as comfortable as possible, including its small size and smooth “skin-side” design to prevent any unnecessary bulk or protrusions.

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