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TRUGLO Fiber Optic PRO Sight Set


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Fiber-Optic Pro delivers a sight picture that is fast and accurate for competitive and recreational shooters. A patented light reflector focuses available light from all angles onto the fiber for a brighter glow, even in low light conditions. Most Fiber-Optic sights gather light from the top and somewhat from the sides. A patented light reflector in Truglo Fiber-Optic Pro sights redirects light onto the entire surface area of the fiber. Traditionally, the best way to make a Fiber-Optic brighter has been to make it longer, however, this decreases the sight radius. The reflector design allows light exposure on 360 degree of the fiber making it brighter without needing to make the fiber longer. Features: – Ultra bright fiber-optic front sight for fast acquisition – Patented light reflector design – Blacked out rear sight for increased contrast – Serrated sight faces reduce glare – Includes spare fibers and reflector tape – Fits standard holsters Fits the following model Taurus Firearms: G3c G3 GX4 FOR G3 MODELS WITH STEEL FACTORY SIGHTS. WILL NOT WORK ON POLYMER SIGHT MODEL.

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