Taurus G3c

Taurus G3c Problems

The Taurus G3C is a compact pistol. It has several safety features such as manual safety and trigger safety. Other features include a loaded chamber indicator and striker block.

But the gun has a few issues that you should know about.

Risky manual safety, failure to return to fill battery, magazine release falling off, defected barrel, and overheating slide are some of the most common issues with the Taurus G3C.

In this article, I will tell you about the Taurus G3C problems in detail. I will also inform you about various solutions to these common problems.

Common Taurus G3C Problems and Solutions

Now that we know about the reasons and the quick solutions, let’s take a detailed look at the G3C troubleshooting methods.

Quick Overview of the Problems and Solutions

Problems with Taurus G3CSolutions
Risky Manual SafetyInstall a trigger guard or a combination lock around the trigger.
Failure to Return to Full BatteryAdd a few drops of lubricant on the areas that cause friction.
Magazine Release Falling OffChange the broken spring or adjust it properly.
Defected BarrelRemove the old barrel and install a new one.
Overheating SlideDo not fire rapidly and give pauses after each magazine.

1. Risky Manual Safety:

With the Taurus G3C, a manual safety system is offered. You may activate the manual safety by turning it on with the trigger position to the rear. The trigger will therefore get locked towards the rear of the trigger guard.

The issue is that the pistol will fire the loaded round when you pull the trapped trigger. When the safety is engaged, the slide won’t move.

Therefore, even if the safety is activated, the pistol may still fire if you drop it accidentally. Additionally, the safety feature won’t prevent the fire if you unintentionally pull the trigger.

The Fix:

You should improve the safety system of the Taurus G3S. You can use a trigger guard to additionally make the gun safer.

It covers the trigger and avoids any mistakes from happening. You can also install it with a belt.

A trigger lock is also a great option to further improve the safety feature. You can install a combination lock around the trigger of the Taurus G3C.

2. Failure to Return to Full Battery:

The Taurus G3C might not always recover to full charge after being fired. Usually, tapping the slide’s back solves this issue momentarily. You might experience this problem with almost every magazine.

Additionally, the issue might occasionally be found with particular brand cartridges. This problem most frequently happens if you utilize Federal or Remington cartridges. These cartridges do not naturally drop down.

Sometimes, you might also hear rustling noise coming from the chamber.

The Fix:

This is mainly a manufacturing flaw of the company. But it has done suffering to a lot of individuals. The recoil spring tab works in conjunction with the polymer frame at the front of the slide.

Additional resistance is produced as a result of the friction on both sides. It should resume functioning properly if you add a few drops of lubricant or oil.

It could take some time for the lubrication to break in. So, practice a few shots to break it in.

3. Magazine Release Falling Off:

While firing, the Taurus G3C occasionally experiences jamming. The magazine release button therefore detaches. When the releasing spring breaks, this problem follows.

The improper installation process of the magazine release spring might potentially lead to this problem.

The Fix:

By accurately installing the spring inside, you can fix it yourself. For a thorough example of how to adjust the magazine release, watch this video instruction.

If the spring is broken, you have to replace it. But it’s a rare find. Contacting the business or your local gun store is the best option. They can easily get the problem fixed.

4. Defected Barrel:

If you notice that the gun fails to chamber, there might be an issue with the barrel. The main cause of this issue is a manufacturing fault.

Although lubricating might temporarily fix this issue, most of the time, it does not. The slide will come out forward but the round will fail to elevate enough to chamber.

The Fix:

You have to change the barrel of the Taurus G3C to make it work properly. First of all, make sure the gun is clear. Then, remove the slide. Take out the firing pin and the barrel.

Now, insert the new barrel inside the slide. Make sure that it pits perfectly. Now, install the firing pin and the slide properly. This should fix the issue of chamber failure,

The Lakeline LLC Barrel is a great choice for the Taurus G3C.

5. Overheating Slide:

The slide of the Taurus G3C will become quite hot if fired quickly. When firing many magazines quickly, the slide is too hot to touch.

You might have to pause in between or wait patiently before firing again as a result. Too much barrel heating will also reduce your shooting’s precision.

The Fix:

There is only one solution. The Taurus G3C must be fired gently. Wait a bit before firing again after firing the entire magazine.

You should put this into practice at the range. If not, you risk being harmed or missing the shot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the action type of the Taurus G3C handgun?

It is a single-action gun with a restrike feature.

What is the size and weight of the Taurus G3C?

The overall length and width are 6.3 x 1.2 inches. The weight is 22 ounces or 624 grams.

What is the most common issue with the Taurus G3C?

Failure to feed is the most prevalent issue.

What is the caliber of the Taurus G3C?

The Taurus G3C has a 9-millimeter caliber.


There can be some factory defects with the Taurus G3C. So, before buying the gun, inspect it thoroughly and shoot a few rounds.

The gun has good accuracy and price. It has also received many positive reviews on many forums. You should likewise read the reviews and look at the specifications.

I have discussed the 5 most common problems. If you experience any of the issues, follow my instructions to get the Taurus G3C problems fixed.


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